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For Sale
S&W Model 64-6 38 Spl. Revolver. Stainless Steel professionally polished. This CDC retired revolver is from CBU-MCCF prison in McFarland. Off Roster PO, LE Purchase Only in CA. OK for out of State sale to anyone and must go to your FFL for transfer to you. Only one left  

For Sale
Benjamin Armada PCP NEW 
Caliber: .25 

Price: $950 
Other info: Benjamin Armada air rifle Precharged pneumatic 8-shot repeater with auto-indexing feature Bolt-action AR-compatible airgun. Uses compressed air: 2,000 to 3,000 psi (make adjustments as shown in the owner's manual) Can be adjusted for different velocities Internal shroud makes this a VERY quiet gun. All the accessories are included as shown plus ammo Scuba 3000 PSI tank up to date Hydro and fill station. 


The AT-3 Gun Safari Case. 
In the case is a Tac Ops Tango 51 and the Green Hornet with Leupold scopes 
The partitions are flexible to accommodate various size weapons. Shows normal wear from usage no major dings. All the latches work, wheels and handles are intact.
Details of the case Here
For Sale 
Handi-Rifle, 300 Blackout, Break Open 16.25" 
Includes 3.5-10x32 Leupold (Clone) Scope with laser mounted and sighted in, Bi-Pod and some left over ammo. 

Spare Mags for the Ruger LC9 $35.00 each

Two 12 round mags for Sig 226 40/357 Sig
$90 Pair (LE only)
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