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Hours of ​Operation

7 days a week 12:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Please call for availability

Sat. & Sun.

How to buy Firearms online go Here

All Out of Sate Firearm Transfers are subject to

8.25% USE Tax

Backgorund Check DROS $37.19​

Not sure if you're eligible to buy a firearm? Age requiremnts?

Click Here

Make sure the weapon is allowed to be Sold/Transferred by an FFL in CA:

(Active Peace Officers Are Exempt From The CA Handgun Roster & Firearm Safety Certificate)

Click here for other exemptions

Make sure the Seller/FFL is willing to send to CA and is registered with CA DOJ to do so:

CA Firearms Licensee Check Program


To transfer to your name from a private party or buy a Firearm/Handgun-Long Gun in CA. you will need this:

A valid CA Picture ID or Driver's license no felonies or restraining orders and a Firearm Safety Certificate $25 good for 5 years: 

Private Party Transfer

Both parties must be CA. residents.

Total cost $47.19

Visit these Firearm Suppliers:

Buds Guns

How to buy firearms online go here:

Peace Officer and Qualified Professional Discount

To sign up click here

KYGUNCO Peace Officer 

Discount Click Here


Law Enforcement Only: