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Hunting and Shooting Videos

*Warning Some Graphic Content* 

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Central CA 

Dunlap, CA

Molokai, Hawaii

Squirrel/Pest Control at Jane's in Prather, CA. 

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Penalty is Death! 

Modoc County Squirrel Hunting

Marc Castro, Mark Menes and Sniper

3 Day Squirrel hunt.

Cedarville, CA Tony Frutuozo Ranch

Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Air Rifle The FX Wildcat for hunting. Bullpup design from Sweden in .25 Cal. 3500 PSI air tank. 

775 FPS average shot w/33.95 Gr. Pellets.

This is not your Father's Daisy BB gun.

4500 PSI power supply.

100 Yards

Click on pic for Soda "POP" with the FX Wildcat:

Kirk Mcgaha and Son Travis. Travis is sighting in his Bergara in 6.5 Creedmoor caliber rifle with a nice Vortex scope to top her off. We did all the alignments to match the scope to the rifle and put her on paper at a 100 yards. Then we had some fun with some reactive targets. She is ready to send them. It was a pleasure guys. Thanks, Sniper out
Click here: Video 

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